Day 55 of 55 - Full Circle Back to Sydney

On this morning, January 31, 2000, we boarded the XPT in Brisbane, Queensland. The XPT is a sleek, modern and aerodynamic train built for speed. We were in Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, by the end of the day, standing on the very same platform from where we had departed 55 days earlier.

Our journey through Oz was complete, we had come full-circle, and it was time to go home. Jeff and I booked a room at the Pacific International Inn on George Street (now called The Great Southern Hotel), the same hotel we stayed in on our first day in Australia.
The next morning's flight out on Qantas Airlines took us to Fiji where Jeff and I enjoyed a five-day vacation from our vacation at Tabua Sands.
Flying home, we lived February 7th twice when we crossed over the International Date Line (IDL) east to west. It was a 28-hour trip door-to-door, but we arrived the same morning as we left according to the itinerary. Crossing the IDL this second time caused us to get our lost December 7th day back, the day I mentioned losing at the beginning of this story.
Traveling to Australia for two months was an extraordinary experience, and I'm grateful for all the Aussies and fellow travelers who made our trip a huge success!