Day 43 of 55 - Koalas on Magnetic Island, Queensland

Magnetic Island, Queensland, on the NE coast of Australia near the Great Barrier Reef is known as the "Koala Capital of Australia." We enjoyed two nights and a full day on this beautiful tropical island. All pictures below are from the trip. The Travelers Backpacker Lodge, where we stayed, has since been torn down. It was a bit rough around the edges ten years ago, but I thought it would still be there.

Below is Horsehoe Bay, Magnetic Island. The fence in the water is the safe zone that keeps the deadly box jellyfish out.

The trees were filled with rainbow lorikeets.

A walk up to "The Forts," lookouts left over from WWII, gave us good views.

A view from Magnetic Island looking out.

Introducing the koalas!

They have pink jaws that make it look like they've got an orange in their mouth. What they do eat are the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, and their only exercise is when they climb down, walk a bit to the next tree, and climb up. They are very lazy creatures.