Day 14 of 55 - Ningaloo Reef and Sea Turtle Nesting

We're at the two-week mark of our journey. This entry will be dedicated to pictures. The day was filled with wildlife and beautiful scenery, and words will only get in the way.

First there was the pretty fish and coral in the Ningaloo Reef.

Then there was the Australian bustard or bush turkey
standing 3 feet tall.

It can fly, and what a sight! Yes, I took this picture. :)

At sunset, we found a high vantage point at
The Vlaming Head Lighthouse in Cape Range National Park, Western Australia.
(I took the lighthouse pictures too.)

The lighthouse at sunset.

After sunset, we found the sea turtles and the sand was flying!

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Check out their site for more.
If you'd like to help out during nesting season,
go to and find out how.