Day 19 of 55 - Manta Rays and Time to Move On

Four nights and five days proved to be our record for staying in any one place, and it was at the Ningaloo Reef Resort in Coral Bay, Western Australia.

This last day was an exciting one! We swam with the giant docile plankton-eating manta rays. We didn't find any yesterday, but we took a cruise on a boat named Dominator and found plenty. We also found sharks, but I obviously survived that encounter, because I'm here blogging about it. To get the full story, click here. The picture below is from the Internet. I chose this one to give you a sense of how big the rays were. It was awesome.

This was also the day we teamed up with Jeroen and Ottine, our new friends from Amsterdam, Holland. They have an old Ford we're going to travel together in all the way back to Perth. No flying this time. We're cruising!