Day 47 of 55 - North to Port Douglas, Queensland

After three nights at David's organic tree farm, Jeff and I decided to head north along the Great Green Way to a destination with air conditioning....a youth hostel in Port Douglas. Port Douglas is one of Australia's hottest destinations (literally and figuratively) where Australian's take their own holidays. The picture above shows the beautiful scenery along the way.

The picture below was borrowed from MSNBC to show what's ahead. In addition to more snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, we were entering crocodile territory. Below is a photo of "Rex." He's in captivity, but his profile was so impressive, I chose him to be the poster child of one of Australia's most dangerous creatures, "salties," the salt water crocodile. Crikey! (I love that word.) To read more about the challenges of living in the rainforest, crocodiles, and our Great Barrier Reef swims, check out the full story here.

More blogs ahead. The trip continues!