Day 13 of 55 - Cape Range National Park and the Ningaloo Reef

One night at the Potshot was all that was required to figure out how to get to the Ningaloo Reef. We found a rental jeep in town and headed into the outback. As beautiful as the Ningaloo Reef is and the amount it has to offer, it's remote and difficult to get to. Well, that keeps the crowds down! Since we had camping gear (photo above shows all of our stuff plus the mega jug of water), we headed for Cape Range National Park, a park that borders the reef. We set up camp at Yardie Creek & Gorge. Below are photos of the creek, gorge and our camp. Since it was summertime and unbelievably hot, the park was virtually empty.

Below is our campsite at Ned's Camp.

We were back in kangaroo country and found dozens of 'roos hopping on the beach and hanging out under the eaves of the visitor center. We were definitely out of the city and into the outback!