Day 51 of 55 - All Aboard the Queensland Railway!

Last night's party in the rainforest was fascinating. While I didn't take any pictures of David's friends, I will always remember the experience, because it caused me to rethink my work, my life, and where I live. I'm a writer and blogger today as a result.

The following morning, and before Jeff and I left for the train station, David took us to his own private waterfall. Below is a picture of David sitting at the bottom of the falls. The pool in the foreground was cool and refreshing.

When we got back to the treehouse to pack up and leave, the same baby cassowary that greeted us upon our arrival came back, as if to say good-bye. We hadn't seen him in between those two meetings, so this last sighting was especially meaningful.
Time to catch a train at the Tully Queensland Railway station. All Aboard!!!! We're headed home, but first a 3-night/2-day layover in Brisbane, the capital of the state of Queensland.