Day 50 of 55 - Mission Beach, Queensland

Mission Beach became my favorite place in Australia. Gorgeous beaches, vegetarian friendly with a casual atmosphere. Below is a photo of Dunk Island, a popular vacation destination. So many islands, so little time.

This was the day David took us on a bush walk on his favorite track. This sunbird nest was right outside our door at Eco Village.

Here I am with a smile on my face BEFORE we took a 90-degree turn into the thick forest, and before I found freeloaders on my toes. Notice that I'm wearing sandals. For details about that horrifying moment, check out the book. Or maybe you've already read about, and laughed about, that episode. Not funny!!

Below is a picture of David enjoying a veggie sandwich prepared by the staff at Eco Village. We had brought along a picnic lunch, and it was delicious. Even though this was the middle of the day, a flash on the camera was necessary because it was so dark under the forest canopy.

A natural ceiling in the rainforest.

For our last night in Queensland, we headed back to David's place for a party with his rainforest neighbors. His treehouse deep in the bush is shrouded in mist.