Day 49 of 55 - Back to El Arish, Queensland

Port Douglas was a 2-night/3 day stay, and it was time to return to El Arish and continue our visit with David. Along the way, we stopped in Cairns for lunch and then continued the drive south taking a side trip to a park called "Golden Hole" named after an old gold mine. We ended the day staying at the Eco Village in Mission Beach, minutes from David's house. Jeff and I voted on a bit of luxury that night, a place with room service and laundry facilities.

Here is a picture of Cairns, "The Tourist Capital of Tropical North Queensland."

A gorgeous park setting awaits at Golden Hole on the Russell River.

The water was crystal clear, cool and refreshing at Golden Hole. A welcome relief from the oppressive heat. But our stay was only an hour. We needed to get back on the road and back to David's neighborhood.

We booked a room at the Eco Village. Check out their website. It looks exactly as it did when we were there.