Day 36 of 55 - Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

This is the day Jeff and I hiked up and into Kings Canyon. It started out cloudy and rainy, rare outback desert conditions, and ended with a spectacular sunset. Below are a series of photos I took while hiking the four-hour loop.

Here is one example of Kings Canyon wildlife. Not sure what kind of lizard this was, but it was colorful. There were also rock wallabies in the kangaroo family (they moved way too fast to get a picture of), birds, frogs, ducks, and marcupial mice. Yes, those mice carry their young in a pouch. Only in Australia. I have more surprising marsupial discoveries coming on Day 41. Meanwhile, I'm posting as fast as I can!

A view from the top looking down into the Garden of Eden. It was a cloudy day which kept the air pleasantly cool.

A scenic look into the outback.

The fire escape-type stairs leading down into the Garden of Eden. You can click on the photo to get a better look.

At the end of the hike, the clouds parted, a rainbow appeared, and an orange sunset began.

A sunset the outback is famous for. You just gotta be there to get the whole effect.