Day 28 of 55 - The Flinders Ranges

The long hot 3-day drive brought us to the Flinders Ranges (above) in South Australia. If I were to place a USA map over an AUS map, it's in the same position as Jackson, Mississippi. We hadn't heard of this ancient mountain range and discovered it by reading the Lonely Planet travel guide. Wilpena Pound, a famous landmark in the Flinders Ranges, was our introduction to the Dreaming, the Aborigine's story of Creation. Below are cave drawings and wild flowers we saw along one of the trails we hiked on the outskirts of "the pound." I highly recommend visiting this area of Australia. It's worth flying half way around the world to experience this one place alone. More about Wilpena Pound in the next blog.

All 3 pictures are from the trip. To see our full trip map, click here.